STOP Rooftop Damage from Grease

Superior Restaurant Solutions introduces the EFI, a complete solution for exhaust fan waste management


Filter-less grease containment that is UL listed and NFPA96 compliant. If you need a rooftop grease containment solution without the need for filters, we have the answer - SRS Exhaust Fan Interceptor - It is the Solution.

Rooftop Grease Damage and Why it Happens

Rooftop protection from grease damage is a problem for all commercial property owners and managers

The commercial property owner and tenant want to ensure that they protect their property and investment from expensive damage caused by rooftop grease.
When petroleum products meet, they mix. This is the why rooftop grease from a restaurant exhaust fan will cause damage to a commercial roof. Grease from the exhaust fan will mix with petroleum roofing products and turn them into petroleum soup. This softened roofing material will not protect the building from the elements as designed. Your roofing contractor and material supplier will no longer honor the roof warranty.

 Fire Risk

If you are a building owner and are concerned about insurance risk from fire, you need to read the following:

NFPA Fire Code 96:
The National Fire Protection Association Fire Code requires:

The ability to drain grease out of any traps or low points formed in the fan or duct near the termination of the system into a collection container that is non-combustible, closed, rainproof, and structurally sound for the service to which it is applied and that will not sustain combustion.

The SRS EFI is made from Stainless Steel and contains the grease inside the EFI. It is rainproof in that the performance is not impeded by rainfall.
The SRS EFI will protect restaurant property from damage.

Superior Restaurant Solutions has been working with restaurants to eliminate or control the discharge of chemicals and grease into the storm and sanitary systems since 1999. Superior Restaurant Solutions invented a recovery system that releases rain water and captures the grease generated from kitchen exhaust fans, which then directs the exhaust fans wash water away from the storm system. This recovery system also ensures that the service provider will have the equipment and process available to prevent storm water contamination by achieving the most waste recovery. Landlords and property management companies are now implementing this protection on roofs across North America.

2012 EcoStar Community Environmental Award in Water Stewardship
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